Un univers de musique et d'images - A film and music universe

Sylvain Marcotte - Compositeur - Music Composer





1. Work Experience Related to Entertainment



  • French EP album release pop/rock/electro « Temps d'exil » (December)

  • Recording, production of my  piano solo album "Resolution" – Piano Works II (released in June)

  • Many performances of Multimedia show "Tableaux de voyages" performances during summer

  • Band Leader & pianist for Drummondville's singer Frédérique Mousseau

  • VIP @ "La musique que j'aime" TV Cogeco, Drummondville



  • Creating show Tableaux de Voyages II (in progress) (music and artistic management)

  • Accompanying (musical arrangement) of Drummondville singer Frédérique Mousseau

  • Music director for opening and closing ceremonies of the 50th edition of The Quebec Games in Drummondville

  • Shows with band BLISS Living For Rock Music in the province of Quebec



  • Launching of new album from Bliss - Living For Rock Music « It's not Over »

  • Theme Composition of the 200th anniversary of the City of Drummondville

  • Theme and jingle composition for the City of Drummondville

  • Taking part in NAMM 2014 in California with BLISS- Living For Rock Music



  • Musical director for contest « Fais-moi ta toune » 2013 (Finals)

  • Musical director for singer Marie-Pier Hébert

  • Various corporate freelancing contracts for organizations in Drummondville and its region

  • Launching of 1st album from BLISS Living For Rock Music  ‘‘Not Guilty’’ (May)



  • Musical director for a show with guitar player Michel Cusson and pop singer Stéphanie Bédard

  • Musical arrangements, codirecting, musical directing for music box set ‘‘Pour l’instant, j’ai 20 ans’’, available on iTunes. Project concept by Michel Drainville.

  • Composer et director for project BLISS (personal rock project)

  • Board member on the Board of Directors for the Heriot Animation Corporation (from 2009 to 2012)


1988 – 2010


Musical Directing and Freelancing Musician Contracts


  • Musical directing for the event ‘‘Gal’Art 2010’’ for CDCCQ (2010)

  • Musical director and musician (piano, keyboards, guitar, and bass guitar) for various events and artists :

- Quebecer singer Gaston Mandeville (1990), Brigitte Boisjoli (1996-2000), Julie Lauzon (1998-2010),

Johanne Blouin (2003)

- Annual Business Awards Gala for the Chamber of Commerce of Drummondville (from 2000 to 2010)

- Community Awards Gala and the Drummondville Industries Network Awards Gala, ‘‘Refuge La Piaule’’ and other corporate events

  • Musical directing for singer and actor Manuel Tadros for the summer show ‘‘Et maintenant… Bécaud’’

  • Musical directing for ‘‘Drummondville en Chansons’’ (Accompanying artists) (2002 à 2005)

  • Musical directing for the multimedia show Légendes Fantastiques (1998 à 2010)

  • Recording of an album with African singer Tangara (October 1999)

  • Recording of the album ‘‘Légendes Fantastiques’’ with composer Michel Cusson

  • Tour in France with guitar player Alexis Charrier (1998)

  • Recording of television show "Jazz sur le vif" on Radio-Canada in Chicoutimi with the Richard Savoie Quartet (1997)


Composition and Music Production

  • Music composition for projet ‘‘La forêt chantée’’ for the park of sculptures ‘‘Essarts’’ in St-Pie-de-Guire in collaboration with internationally renown sculptor Pierre Tessier (2011)

  • Musical coordonnator for show ‘‘Era, The Intersection of Time’’ for the Shanghai Circus in China. Assisting Michel Cusson (from July to October)

  • Directing and recording of the album ‘‘Turbulence’’ in our studios from January to May Album gathering youths from 5 to 18 years old from the Collège St-Bernard of Drummondville) (2004)

  • Composition et recording of commercial ad jingles for the City of Drummondville and TVA television network (2001)

  • Original music composition and musical directing for the show Sylvette Brière, fashion designer (2000)

  • Management, production, and composition for the album ‘‘Azur’’ for Marie-Pier Hébert, singer

  • Musical composition for the Montreal firm WASABI Communications (2010)

  • Music composition and musical directing for the horse show Caval’Art (2010-2011)


Personal Projects as a Musician (albums, recordings on radio and television, shows)


  • Launching of my solo album « The Perfect Moment » Piano Works (December 3rd, 2008)

  • Show played solo entitled « La face cachée du compositeur » as a singer-songwriter

  • Musical composition, artistic direction, and musical direction for the show in solo « Tableaux de voyages » presented at the Drummondville Cultural Center on March 28th, 2006


  • Recording and launching of 4th solo album ‘‘Over the Rainbow’’ (2005) – with Jean-Bertrand Carbou et Matthias von Imhoff

  • Recording of a radio show Le Club de minuit, on a cultural radio station on Radio-Canada (2004)

  • Launching of the album ‘‘Melodification’’ (2002) along with the Sylvain Marcotte trio

  • Live recording and production of a 3rd solo album ‘‘Melodification’’ with Swiss drummer Matthias von Imhoff, and the French bass player Jean-Bertrand Carbou

  • Artistic direction and production of ‘‘Drummond’Ville en Jazz’’ (1999, 2000, 2001)

  • Promotion tour in France and in Switzerland for the album  « These Days of Wine and Roses » from September 11 to October 15 (2001)

  • Recording of a 2nd solo album (jazz) entitled « These Days of Wine and Roses » (1999)

  • Show in Drummondville with drummer from the Pat Metheny Group, Paul Wertico

  • Launching of a 1st solo album « Inspiration » June 1998

  • Launching of my company SM Productions (Artist management, production and music composition, show production) (Janvier 1997)

  • Tour of 120 shows with Triaz (Quebec, France, Belgium) (1991-1992)

  • Directing et producing an album entitled ‘‘Phase’’ with Triaz (1990)1

  • Creating the band Triaz (fusion jazz band, original music). Tour in France and in Quebec (1989-1990), winner of the international contest at the Music Festival in La Roche-sur-Yon (Festival des musiques jumelées de La Roche-sur-Yon) in France (1988)



2. Awards et Distinction


  • Finalist for personality of the year at the Napoleon Gala for the Chamber of Commerce of Drummondville (Gala des Napoléon de la Chambre de Commerce de Drummond) (2014)

  • Obtained a grant from the CALQ for the project BLISS @NAMM (California) (2014)

  • Laureate for the prize ‘‘Hommage au Gal’Art’’ (2012) (CALQ, Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec)

  • Finalist for personality of the year at the Napoleon Gala for the Chamber of Commerce of Drummondville (2012)

  • Award received for artistic creativity in the Recognition program in Arts and Culture for the City of Drummondville (Programme de reconnaissance des Arts et de la Culture de la Ville de Drummondville) (2010)


  • Recipient of a grant from the ‘‘Fond des Arts et des lettres du Centre-du-Québec’’ for the project « La forêt chantée » in collaboration with internationally renown sculpter Pierre Tessier (2011-2012)

  • Recipient of an award in Performing Arts « Art de la scène » from Gal’Art de Culture Centre-du-Québec (2010)

  • Recipient of a grant offered by the CALQ (Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec) for research and creation (2005-2006)

  • Nomination for personality of the year at the Annual Business Awards for the Chamber of Commerce of Drummondville (2004)

  • Prize-winner for performing arts (Art de la Scène) Gala Art Excellence from the Ministry of Culture and Communications in Mauricie-Centre-du-Québec (Ministère de la culture et des communications Mauricie-Centre du Québec) (2001)

  • Recipient with Triaz of a grant from the Ministère des Affaires Culturelles in the program of assistance to professional artists (programme d'aide aux artistes professionnels) (1994)

  • Prize-winner of the contest in theme song composition for the 175th anniversary of the city of Drummondville (composition de la chanson thème du 175e anniversaire de la ville de Drummondville)



3. Associations and Professional Organizations


  • CALQ Conseil des Arts et des lettres du Québec


  • SPACQ  Société professionnelle des auteurs et des compositeurs du Québec 


  • Socan: Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada




  • Sodrac: Society for Reproductions rights of authors, composers and publishers in Canada

  • CARAS The Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (Juno Awards)  carasonline.ca

  • Member of ‘‘Culture Centre du Québec’’ 

  • Member of the Chamber of Commerce of Drummondville

  • Grammy Pro (Grammy Awards) www.grammypro.com

  • Membre of the Conseil d’administration de la Corporation d’animation Hériot (2009 à 2012)

  • Member of the Conseil d’administration du Cégep De Drummondville (2009-2010-2011)

  • Membre of Comité Conseil "Jeunes Volontaires”, an organism which offers grants to help young entrepreneurs from 18 to 30 years old start businesses



Member of the Guilde des musiciens du Québec,  Affiliated to (AFM) American Federation of Musicians of The United States and Canada


4. Work Experience Related to Teaching



  • Coordinator and teacher in the program « Techniques professionnelles de musique et chanson » at the Cégep de Drummondville (2005-2014)

  • Coordinator and teacher in Sound Technology (programmes de technologies sonores du Cégep Drummondville) (2014-15)

  • Teaching the piano and accompanying singers from the Cégep de Drummondville (1992-2014)

  • Instructor et accompanying pianist for artists invited to the Camp musical d'Asbestos (Étés 1991 à 1997)

  • Teacher and creator of a course in keyboards harmony for the Des Chênes schoolboard (Commission scolaire Des Chênes de Drummondville) (1988 à 1992)


5. Studies



  • Obtained a D.E.C. (GÉGEP diploma) in Classical Piano at the Cégep de Drummondville (1988)

  • Studies in Jazz piano at the UQTR and at University of Montreal

  • Studies in Electric Bass at the UQTR

  • Self-taught for various techniques in jazz/pop piano


References available upon request

Sylvain Marcotte